Steel Bison Dev - Neither Silent nor Deadly

Steel Bison Dev is currently a one man shop run by Drew Fyock. With that in mind, most of the information for Steel Bison Dev is synonomous with Drew.

Drew attended Bucknell University and earned a BS in Computer Engineering. He also has a graduate degree (MBA) from Duquesne university. This education helps provide the perfect blend of technical understanding with business acumen.

Drew is a born and raised Pittsburgher, but left Pennsylvania for a short while after undergrad to give Texas a try. The heat was just too much for him, so he is happily back in the 'Burgh.

Drew works as a Software Engineer by day and a code monkey by night. See projects for some examples of the monkeying.


Professional Experience

Senior Software Engineer
07/07 - PresentSageCranberry Twp, PA
  • Led development effort to integrate North American requirements into core product for global distribution
    • Served as ScrumMaster in Agile development environment
    • Designed functional and technical enhancements for international audience
    • Travelled numerous times to development sites in France for collaboration
    • Communicated daily with international team
  • Managed software maintenance team for upper mid-market ERP package, Sage ERP X3
    • Authored and implemented issue resolution and update release procedures
    • Distributed team member assignments effectively against conflicting priorities
    • Implemented weekly status reports to lower issue count and average days open
  • Published bi-monthly software release and coordinated schedule with other teams
    • Acted as liaison between R&D and support teams
  • Championed initiative for brown bag lunch seminars
  • Interviewed prospective employees and helped train new team members


Masters in Business Administration (MBA)
2010Duquesne UniversityPittsburgh, PA
Concentration in Information Technology - 3.8 GPA
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering (BSCSE)
2002Bucknell UniversityLewisburg, PA
3.6 GPA in Major


  • Brook Park Manor Civic Association - Vice President - April 2013
  • Dale Carnegie Course Graduate - August 2005
  • Microsoft Certified Profession (MCP) - March 2004


  • Development
    • Java
    • Javascript
    • MEAN - MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS
    • X3 4GL
    • Agile, Scrum
    • Android, Appcelerator
    • Python
    • C#, C++, Cobol
    • HTML5, CSS3, XHTML
    • NodeJS, AngularJS, Dojo, Struts
  • Operating Systems
    • Linux/Unix - Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), Ubuntu, CentOS, Solaris
    • Windows
    • Virtualization - VirtualBox, VMware
  • Office and Design Software
    • Microsoft Office Suite - Word, Excel, Powerpoint
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Eclipse IDE, Titanium studio
    • Apache
    • Crystal Reports
  • Database
    • SQL Server
    • Oracle
    • MySQL
    • NoSQL - MongoDB
  • Project Management
    • CMMI
    • CoBiT
    • PMBOK
    • Data Warehousing
    • Business Intelligence




Current project to help track swim meets for a summer swim team. I started a blog about progress and pitfalls. Source code can be found on Github.


Repper Dojo

Implementation can be viewed here. Source code can be found on Github.



I was given this particular scenario as a problem statement for a job interview. My solution can be found on Github.
"We have just received a massive document from a vendor. Parts of the document are applicable to different people. Each part of the document can be a different number of pages. Parts are consecutive. There could be more than one recipent per part. The name of the primary recipient is shown on the first page of their part of the document; auxiliary recipients are 'known' from other sources. They can receive their part via email."

  • a PDF document (approx 500+ pages) (generate a random multipage PDF as a DEMO source document)
  • approximately 100 parts to the document
  • this will need to be done every few weeks

Wordpress sites



Newborn News

My wife was pregnant for the 3rd time. I was looking for an Android project. I realized that I needed something better than a spreadsheet to keep track of all that baby stuff - wet/dirty diapers, feedings, wife's meds, etc. It was just a pain to open the computer at 3am to log the data. So, a mobile app was the perfect solution. There are a couple existing applications with similiar functionality, but this was a good reason to delve into Android.

The APK was never released on the Google Play store (work in progress), but the current version can be downloaded here. Source code can be found on Github.